Cow ‘n’ Calf Gallery, 15 Church Street, Stanley TASMANIA 7331

David Murphy, Dáithí O’Murchu – Beloved of the Sea


On a crisp autumn evening on the North-West coast of Tasmania, I had a chance meeting with a couple visiting Tasmania all the way from the Republic of Ireland. During the conversation, the female of the couple revealed that my name, David Murphy, had a Gaelic equivalent and a deep meaning: ‘Beloved of the sea’. This definition made perfect sense to me, having felt an indescribable and unwavering drawing to the sea and its coastline my whole life.

Discovering the meaning behind my name set me on a course to make sense and meaning of all aspects of my photography, skill, and art. I have assembled many of my favourite photographs, written narratives, and sometimes poems for each one. The narratives and poems are extensions of the creative process that I put into the interpretation of my work. They are informative, candid, and always from the heart. My wish is for you to enjoy this art as much as I have loved creating, interpreting, and presenting it for you. So, please take your time to explore my collection and immerse yourself in the beauty of the sea and Tasmania’s stunning landscapes.