“The sea was my distant friend for twenty years. Our rare encounters, laden with memories of her vitality and energy, formalised my decision to permanently relocate. Her tidal ebbs and flows are indicative of several facets of my life…the constancy of change, and the miracle of growth. And she fascinates…. from the scents and sounds of salt and kelp, of gulls and terns, of rhythmic thumps signaling change, to the bristling, busy wind, all bustle and blow, slicing down granite corridors, whipping over runnelled sands, before bending banksias and building dunes. Then, miraculously, she becalms, a sheen of translucent stillness, silently giving voice to my own rhythmic thumps whilst walking her shores, struggling, straining…. existing.
The sea symbolises the turmoil and peace of my own life. She is an ever changing, moody muse, my footprints on her sands reminding me to never be distant again.”